The Silent Killer

Why do we deny, others of their own feelings.
For the pain they feel is something very real.
No life is lived the same as another.
Your neighbor may be smothered, by feelings of depression.
Looking for someone to reach out, but you deny them your hand.
Instead you tell them to be happy, without trying to understand.
This depression is violent, yet it acts in silence.
Delivering crippling blows, while the person is all alone.
Leaving scars unseen on the surface.
Wondering the purpose of life.
This depression leads many to end their own life.
We morn the loss of someone’s passing.
Without really understanding, why.
Obviously they were depressed.
But since there is no criminal to arrest, we brush it under the rug.
Like it wasn’t the depression that stole the breath from their lungs.
Why do we dismiss this very cruel disease.
Why do we deny the warning signs of suicide.
Those struggling I’m telling you please don’t hide.
Do not wait till it is too late.
There are those that love you.
Those that care.
Don’t be scared to speak up, please be aware.
Yes life is rough, but you are loved.


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