Beauty is intricately​ weaved,
From the depths of one’s soul,
To the patch on their sleeve,
Its measure cannot be found within the shallow depths,
Of tinder swipes and late night texts,
Its true appearance is masked by this social interference,
Beauty is perseverance, endurance of one’s spirit,
It dances to the rythmatic rythmes of one’s heart beat,
It radiates from one’s vocal cords during that favorite chorus,
Beauty is patience, always hungry never complacent,
It’s found in early morning conversations,
And broken hearts from ruined relations,
Beauty is everywhere,
Yet I feel like it has disappeared,
Deforestation of the soul,
Leaving the earth desolate and cold,
Warmed by a smartphones glow,
Beauty has become isolated and alone,
It doesn’t need to be this way,
We can make this disallusion go away.


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