Pain the Callus of Life

The wind, is unseen, but felt.
Much like the inner workings of ourselves.
The shelf would never collect dust, if a book has never removed.
Metal will be free from rust, if left unexposed to elements.
Man cannot love, without feeling pain first.
This is the curse, a lesson which hurts.
Comfort is non-existent.
Maybe for an instant, it can be achieved.
Soon that feeling will flee.
We will never be free.
Of the enemy.
The one in our head.
We will always regret, words spoken or left unsaid.
To live life perfect, means you have never been broken.
Without a crack you remain sealed, unable to open.
One should not be scared to be destroyed.
It’s a risk of the voyage.
Preparation of the soul, to remain buoyant, is crucial.
For your pain brings resolve, which will keep you afloat.
When you are in need of it the most.

Enemy of the State

I’ve been beaten, black and blue.

Through this pain I was renewed, my view changed.

Love remained, able to see past the fear able to see things clearer.

I see the severity of our situation, the manipulation, the stipulation over our creation and the bondage of our so-called free nation.

I see the wasted life, in the ones who jump from a height, the ones who hated life.

The ones who never knew wrong from right.

The ones who gave up the fight.

I understand it’s hard to be a man, I’m not talking about gender, I’m talking about man-kind.

Looking to rewind, the tapes, to when it was easier to see the faith, side of things.

And all the happiness it brings.

Instead of the things we see on the news, the shit they put out for views.

Living in a land of click bait, hate, discrimination, damnation, temptation, premarital procreation, blasphemy on their rotation, ignorant to the situation we are left in.

The darkness is always creepin.

Moving in silently, for the kill.

Quietly poisoning our free will, with that brainwashing material.

It’s surreal, how so many of us forgot, what it’s like to feel.

There are millions everyday going without a meal, without a shelter over their heads.

The first world forgets, about the brothers, the mother’s, sons and daughters from the other kingdoms.

All one family, the ramifications of our so-called identity is a tragedy of racial supremacy.

There is a remedy.

But you have to be ready, to accept it.

You have to let it consume you.

I promise it will clear your view. And you will feel renewed.

Put faith to the scientific method, it can be repeated, but the ones running those tests are the ones who have deceived us.

They are unable to understand the power of Jesus.

The enemy has them in a choke hold, their suffocation makes them bold, they fear to grow old.

Ok with setting, in the human mold.

When they are supposed, to break us out of this ignorant drought.

Looking for answers but they won’t get them out, wondering why the pieces don’t add up.

Aren’t these fulfilled prophecies enough.

We didn’t just make this stuff up.

These things happening aren’t just coincidence or luck.

They are our sentence we were detained to serve.

No we didn’t deserve this fate, but it’s the enemies fault.

He distilled this hate.

We are all human why do we hate those of another race, is it because we dislike the color of their face.

Man it’s a disgrace to God’s grace.

He put us in this rat race to place faith in those who need it.

His warnings need to be heeded, the enemy does feedith on our insecurities.

Giving us a false sense of security in our homes.

When we are really never alone.

There is a reason Jesus rose from the stone.

So we could be free from the sinful mold, that the enemy has put in bold.

Plastered on magazines, these fiends of fame and fortune.

Their notions, motions are oceans of lies.

Stealing lives, through our very own eyes.

Starts with tv they know how to read you and me.

Showing us what they want us to see.

Not wanting us to be free, thinkers.

Just mindless workers, obese from these processed burgers.

We ignore the murders that happen everyday.

Ignoring the fact we have to pay with our own pain.

Trying to stain, detain us, blame us, maim us,

tame us, everyone wanting to be famous.

Is being recognized in the synagogue of Satan really worth it.

Why did we drift so far from Kansas.

Straying from our home, trying to wander this life alone.

But these hands pull on our strings behind the scenes.

They speak to us in our dreams, of the things we hope to be, while being unable to see, our life through a tv screen.

Seems that’s all we know and can understand is what the wicked hand has dealt us.

Looking for materials to complete us.

The Lord has never deceived us.

He has been trying to lead us.

While the enemy beats us, leads us astray.

To the land of fame and pain.

I’m so thankful the son of the Lord came, and hung on that cross.

So I would no longer have to be a lost, sheep, in this world of deceit.

I was able to beat the devil’s temptation, able to break free of eternal damnation.

That our nation is headed for.

His Wish

What if I told you, Jesus was more than a noun.
Would you believe me if I told you he was all around, us.
Would you trust in his word, and open your heart.
We don’t need to be perfect, we just need to start.                                                               Believing that after three days he had awoken.
Believing in what he has spoken.
To put faith in God’s plan.
We are just man, so it makes it hard to understand.
Time is a perfect example.
On how we don’t have a handle on our own reality.
100 years is a long time away.
We make it seem so close, when we can’t even remember yesterday.
So try to comprehend eternity.
No one but him can understand it perfectly.
But certainly, we can understand his view.
Of what he wanted out of me and you.
It wasn’t to do this or do that.
No it was to act, as he would.
Do good, into those you have wronged you.
Heal those who have and will harm you.
See, Jesus is not just a name.
He didn’t hang on that cross for no reason.
He saw our internal treason.
The game we play with ourself.
The side we haven’t shown to anyone else.
He knows when we need his help.
I was on a path of self-destruction, he moved me to pick up the phone and call my cousin.
He delivered me from darkness.
He filled the heartless void in my chest.
Through this life he has put me through the test.
All I had to respond with was Jesus, Yes.
I let you in, forgive me of my sins.
Lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil.
You see we are all God’s people.
From the rich to the poor.
The Saint to the whore.
The ones who have not, and the ones who want more.
See Jesus he opened the door.
For us, even though we are riddled with sin.
Jesus, I don’t know where to even begin.
Where do I start to give thanks.
Do I go back to that date, where your hands were driven by the stakes.
Or how about the first mistake I ever did make.
Jesus, he doesn’t rate us from one to five stars.
He doesn’t see our value, in the cars, we drive.
He loves us for what is inside.
That’s why we are forgiven, before we even ask for it.
All he asks is you understand the cross and why he wore it.

M.E. I’m Sorry

Where do we go from here, we gonna up and disappear?
I know the future is never clear, but I have a feeling the end is near.
Weather’s severe, mother nature’s fighting back, mother nature’s on the offensive, she’s ready to attack.
It’s like we are doing some s&m, we on the receiving end, forced to be submissive.
It seems our mission is to search and destroy, why do we enjoy, poisoning the ground we stand on?
What’s happening is not random.
Holding her for ransom, constricting, restricting her life line, our water supply.
We will realize in due time, why we should have worried.
Soon we will all scurry, to the hills.
As the water rises, acting like it surprised us, we wonder why she acts so violent.
She’s gotten a taste of nuclear waste, it’s a disgrace how we are ok with the way we brush aside these issues.
The way we misuse the ground, soon the views of green fields, are going to be brown, while we all drown, In our own waste, then maybe we will be left with a bad taste, in our mouths. Even then I still doubt, we will be able to figure these things out.
What happens when the world is in a drought, will the Savior come out.
The world gets hotter, we are losing our fresh water.
Blasting each other with those choppers.
She’s mad and there’s no stopping her.
It’s like us men have never dated a woman.
But this one actually has a reason to be mad, and it’s sad how we are glad with bringing her pain.
It’s a shame that we don’t see our brethren as the same.
Diluting our unity, for something as frugal, as ethnicity.
Is this our destiny? For our lives to end in tragedy.
Gravity seems to be fading, I’m waiting for us to be grounded again.
In the end, don’t pretend we couldn’t have prevented this.
Let’s reminisce, on the shit we’ve dumped in the oceans.
The motions our political leaders have disregarded, discarded, flushed down the drain.
And we wonder why the rain is turning acidic, it isn’t a gimmick, we didn’t just dream it, out of thin air.
We just didn’t really care, about the one who nurtured us.
Our forests are turning to dust, just so we have some of this paper stuff, we call money.
Isn’t funny, more interested in money, than the composition of our body.
Made mostly of water, your robbing your daughter of life, you may as well give her the knife yourself, save her the pain of suffering.
The mother wants her offering, for disregarding her health, just so the one percent could have more wealth.
Blowing holes, inside of our own home, not acting alone, our ignorance is shown, we are prone to stay out of the cold, and this global warming is getting old.
Put on a blanket, stop trying to fake it.
If we all want to make it, we have to break it, our habits that is, go back to when we were kids, living simple and free, I miss the simplicity.
Missing those childhood memories, when the trees didn’t have to worry about these thieves robbing them of their leaves.
One car, one dime at a time.
We’ve crossed the line, no turning back now. Walking on condemned ground.
Are we done pretending now?



Lucy put a noose on me, afraid of loosing me.
I needed that spiritual surgery, after all the words said to me.
Good thing Jesse was there, man that dude he always cared.
Even when I couldn’t see it, even when I didn’t believe it.
The two didn’t get along, Lucy always wanted to do me wrong.
Jesse, fought by my side, never really knowing why.
Jesse is just a kind guy, he was Lucy’s demise.
Showing me the lies, I was told my whole life.
Jesse saved me from the edge of that knife.
He always had it right, that Lucy knew how to bite.
Attacking me every night even out of sight I felt Lucy’s might.
Scratching and clawing at the back of my mind.
Every time I thought I was fine.
Lucy would crawl down the vine.
Enough was enough Jesse said.
He was fed up, with the stuff, Lucy had done.
Jesse stood up for me like I was his son.
The battle was epic and Jesse won.
Now he’s the only one I need, I pleed for forgiveness.
He cured me of this sickness, this disease Lucy planted inside of me.
Lucy was never a friend to me.
Lucy was always the enemy.
Good thing I found Jesse, because he was the remedy.
Jesse set me free.