Distance is irrelevant, time is non existent.
While I’m sitting here missing, the person I’ve been listening to.
Where did you go, oh have you’ve grown cold.
As these conversations grow old.
Do you reach for the stars, or shrink in glow of the night.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.

Can you tell me.
What it’s like to go to sleep at night.
Without the pale glow of the moonlight.
Or have you not noticed it has left your sight.
Alone in your room, with nothing but your thoughts.
Waiting for time to pass you by, while staring at the clock.
Wondering how much time you have left.
Hoping to wake up from this sleep, wondering if you will be missed in the least.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.

Now are you counting your blessings, or focusing on these stressful things.
Plucking at the strings, grooving to the melody.
Or burning these things, your so called identity.
Honey please, there is no need to dig any further.
Reach for my hand, I’ll pull you to the surface.
This label you’ve stamped your life with, doesn’t give you purpose.
Oh honey you were perfect, why do you keep running.
Is it because running is easier than loving.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.



These words come from scattered fragments,
Littered through my mind,
Pieces that I thought I would never find,
Shattered so fine,
They were hidden in the tall grass,
Accompanied by the snakes,
As I search they try and bite at my feet,
So I stick to these streets,
The highways of my mind,
Where most of the saturated information is covered in dirt,
Diluted by lies,
Each morning I have to wipe my eyes,
Rid them of the scales that are causing this blindness,
Sitting in silence,
Where it’s never really quiet,
The voice I have heard in my head times before,
Is what I search for,
The roar has been traded for a whisper,
Echos are all that remain,
Slowly regaining sanity,
On the final approach,
Flaps are down,
I think I’m landing,
As my feet hit the ground,
I can’t help but notice where I am standing,
Freshly cut grass is what surrounds me,
Able to see where the snakes hide,
No longer are they out of sight,
As night turns to day,
My safety is no longer in question,
Now growth,
Not destruction is all that comes with the lessons.

Story (U)nique

I’ve been told, just wait, it will get hard.
You will question your beliefs one day, you will question your walk.
Well if this is a walk of faith, who are you to talk about my place, my faith.
It’s a disgrace to his grace, thinking I will end up in the same emotional state, as you.
See this journey isn’t based on theological knowledge, time spent in service or fulfilling your own self created purpose.
It’s a walk of faith, belief that when he died for you and me, he brought death to his knees.
That he robbed the thief of his satisfaction of our sinful destruction.
Bathed in his blood, those sins washed away, his mercy was a flood.
Overcoming the impossible, he abolished the law.
You see, he saw us perfect, even with all our flaws.
Imperfectly perfect created for a cause.
Not created to receive applause, nor to grasp at straws.
If you believe I will fall, then what does that say about you following his call.
To love him and your neighbor, you see hes my father he ain’t no stranger.
Yes I will always be in danger of self destruction, luckily his love has a powerful suction.
Freeing me of this fleshly corruption, this man made destruction.
Passed down the generational tree, this thing started with Adam and Eve.
Look at those before us, the historical, biblical, the criminal, those lost, saved, redeemed and renamed, those claimed by the father.
As man we will always falter but with the spirit and that lamb laid on the alter of the cross.
We cannot lose.
His sacrifice, saves those who were lost.
A beacon of hope, his love is the rope that ties this thing together.
So I ask you this, if I have him can I not survive the stormy weather.
Your story is your own letter, don’t include me in the header.

The Serpent

From day one the serpent had twisted his way into our minds,
I find he has had an easy time reaching mine,
Strangling me in sin,
Making it harder to get into worship,
Diluting my purpose,
There was a time when he did wind,
His tail around my throat and he suffocated me,
I had lost all hope,
I popped open that pill bottle,
One swift action away from death,
It would have been easy to take this weight off my chest,
This life has never been easy,
It’s been a challenge at best,
It hasn’t felt like a test,
No it’s more like an essay,
Stained with my trials,
Reconciled in Christ,
See Christ stopped me from ending my own life,
He made me think twice,
He told me to put down the dice,
For the first time,
I took a breath and there was life,
I knew this pain just wouldn’t suffice,
I changed my mind-set,
I grew,
Left the old me behind,
Left my room renewed,
See the enemy is weak,
He hides in the shadows,
And our God is great,
He brings me to my knees,
He took my sin the gallows,
Washed in the blood of the Lamb,
A new man,
Walks this earth,
One who knows what it’s like to live in the dirt,
Now I can spread his message,
I can bring others to him,
And rejoice to the heavens,
For my life is borrowed,
It’s not mine,
I lived a life of sorrow and crime,
Now those things are left behind,
I kicked them to the curb,
Now I live through one single word,
The man who gave his life,
So we could keep ours,
He’s the one who wears the scars.

The Narrow Road

This road winds,
Twists and climbs,
My destination is unknown,
I don’t know what I will find,
At the end of the path,
The dust flies behind me,
My tires spinning,
Aiming to gain traction,
It’s hopeless when the aim is self-satisfaction,
Along this drive there are many distractions,
Some are obvious,
Others are hidden,
We must hold on,
To these breaths we’re given,
My suspension is worn stiff,
It becomes evident as the road starts to dip,
I jerk the wheel hoping for a reaction,
Just retraction,
From my old sinful actions,
It’s crazy how fast life can happen,
One minute you’re here,
The next you’re gone,
Wondering where I went wrong,
That old cassette,
Plays the song,
That haunts my dreams,
Pulling up memories,
Of those days that seemed to never end,
Until the day you told me it was all pretend,
My friend was lost along the way,
Or maybe they were tossed aside,
Making a way for me,
To get to my destination,
I have to believe,
Or else,
This heart I wear on my sleeve,
Would be torn in two,
But it’s not that way,
When I think of you,
It seems to be glued together,
Like my hands to this leather,
Unable to part ways,
From the truth,
I love with my whole heart,
Anyone and everyone,
That’s the best part,
It’s not just reserved for those who give it back,
It’s given freely to me,
So I must give it back.
I’m loved beyond description,
I know I have a mission,
And when I reach the end of the road,
I know I won’t be alone.


This gift, is unreal.
Able to mix these words up.
Tearing the rift, finding the fruits of my labor.
Putting these thoughts on paper.
Giving praise to the maker.
Creating the shaker for my pepper.
Give me the spice to my life.
I was born not once but twice.
Once from my mother, the other that night.
I tried to give my life, like Anakin.
Palpatine tried to draw me in.
Little did I know, God was always gonna win.
Over my spirit, my soul, and my body, he let me feel it.
His grace overcame the end of the knife.
He took away the blade, he saved my life.
Now I’m dedicated to Christ.
I was always his, predetermined fate is what that is.
I was unable to strangle the demons on my own.
The Holy Spirit pushed me, to pick up the phone.
Dial my brother that gloomy night.
That night I gave my life to Christ.
Crazy thinking a couple of months before.
I was banging on the enemies door.
Asking him to let me in.
My life, was dedicated to sin.
Living for the flesh.
My happiness was mediocre at best.
I didn’t have to pass a test to receive his grace.
No he was always in pursuit,
I just pushed those voices aside.
Rather live for myself,
Than stay alive.
Now I’m humbled, in my own skin.
Modest, I’m still tempted by sin.
But now I give that to the Lord.
My reward.
Eternity to live.
A life pure, free from sin.
Hundred years from now when I’m reminiscing.
I’ll remember that night the old me went missing.

7 Years of Memories

I’m going to make this poetry explode, not just off the paper.

But off my chest or I might imploded.
From all these things repressed, all the things that make me depressed.
I’m pressed to move forward, by an invisible force.
One stronger than nature, elevating me from failure.
Freed from these chains by the Savior.
Changing my behavior, trying to follow his steps.
Imprints so large, I have a lot to fill.
All I have to do is remain still.
He will push me up this hill.
The uphill battle we call life.
The view from the top though, I imagine it’s a beautiful sight.
Unlike anything we’ve seen in this life.
Treat others as you want to be treated, pick them up when they are defeated.
Love thy neighbor, just as the Savior loved the lepers, whores, merchants, the poor, sinners, saints, the ones who lost their way.
He radiated love, he didn’t have to say a single word.
Jesus looked at him, and loved him.
These scriptures paint pictures in my mind.
Making God easier to find.
In this secular state.
Leaving my false knowledge behind.
Rewinding the hands of time.
These people of knowledge making it feel like a crime.
To follow the truth.
Society tightens the noose on us Christians.
Misunderstanding our mission.
Blanketed by the Hippocrates before us.
Making it harder to move forward.
All I know every step, I’m homeward.
Every day brings us closer to judgement.
The Rapture is coming.
When, no one knows, but the book of Revelation discloses.
Information so vital.
For the spiritual survival of us all.
Signs in the heavens will present themselves.
Just wait and see.
Us Christians will be a memory.
Through the years of tribulation.
When fire rains across the whole damned nation.