Ashes and Branches

I think I’m thirsty,
In need of water.
It only seems to get hotter,
Rivers drying up in drought.
My footsteps blow away in the wind,
With each step I take.
Is it a blessing,
That my path has been wiped clean?
Broken branches,
Scattered amongst piles of ashes.
Some sort of fire,
Has swept through this place.
Dark clouds,
Start to roll in.
The sun,
Has seemed to disappear again.
Rain drops start to fall from the sky,
The ground becomes soft,
Under my feet.
Flowers start to bloom,
Behind and in front of me.
Fruit coming from the most unlikely of places,
Following my previous paces.
I guess this is what grace is,
That you would choose the faithless.
To bring the loved but the lost,
Into your presence.
I mistook dry ground,
For drought.
Dark skies,
With blindness.
The fire,
Made way for new growth.
And the clouds,
Brought new hope.
Walking through the mud,
Leaves an imprint of conviction.
It’s a blessing,
That I had been missing.
Lord thank you,
For these days you have brought my way.
My praise will never repay,
This life you chose to save.
My hands ache for the harvest,
Lord use me for your purpose.
Heart bleeding for the broken,
Lord give me the words that need to be spoken.
This is my prayer,
This is my worship.
Take my life,
Devote it to your Lordship.


Lost and Found

Here I am.
Rummaging through the lost and found again.
Stomaching all the pain that comes with these memories.
Why am I looking through this box?
I’m simply searching for the missing piece.
That fragment of trust I lost so long ago.
It flew away in the wind.
Scattered amoung the ashes of the wildfire that was, our love.
It came like the morning sun subtle and pleasant, but left like sun behind the mountains,
Bringing the following darkness.
So as the sun dipped behind that horizon, my trust just seemed to vanish.
Hidden by the vast stretching circumference of the earth.
And I was rotating in the wrong direction because I didn’t see another sunrise, till today.
This sunrise is leaving me hopeful so that’s why I’m bearing the pain of this box, this box of assorted displeasures.
All to retrieve what I had chosen not to pursue.
I chose to retrieve it.
All for you.


Distance is irrelevant, time is non existent.
While I’m sitting here missing, the person I’ve been listening to.
Where did you go, oh have you’ve grown cold.
As these conversations grow old.
Do you reach for the stars, or shrink in glow of the night.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.

Can you tell me.
What it’s like to go to sleep at night.
Without the pale glow of the moonlight.
Or have you not noticed it has left your sight.
Alone in your room, with nothing but your thoughts.
Waiting for time to pass you by, while staring at the clock.
Wondering how much time you have left.
Hoping to wake up from this sleep, wondering if you will be missed in the least.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.

Now are you counting your blessings, or focusing on these stressful things.
Plucking at the strings, grooving to the melody.
Or burning these things, your so called identity.
Honey please, there is no need to dig any further.
Reach for my hand, I’ll pull you to the surface.
This label you’ve stamped your life with, doesn’t give you purpose.
Oh honey you were perfect, why do you keep running.
Is it because running is easier than loving.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.


Beauty is intricately​ weaved,
From the depths of one’s soul,
To the patch on their sleeve,
Its measure cannot be found within the shallow depths,
Of tinder swipes and late night texts,
Its true appearance is masked by this social interference,
Beauty is perseverance, endurance of one’s spirit,
It dances to the rythmatic rythmes of one’s heart beat,
It radiates from one’s vocal cords during that favorite chorus,
Beauty is patience, always hungry never complacent,
It’s found in early morning conversations,
And broken hearts from ruined relations,
Beauty is everywhere,
Yet I feel like it has disappeared,
Deforestation of the soul,
Leaving the earth desolate and cold,
Warmed by a smartphones glow,
Beauty has become isolated and alone,
It doesn’t need to be this way,
We can make this disallusion go away.

A Year Ago

It’s been just over a year,
Since I have made my thoughts appear clear,
Verbalization has never been a talent of mine,
So I depend on these lines and rhymes,
To get me through the tough times,
Where my own thoughts are like a disease,
Eating away at the inside of me,
There have been days where I didn’t want to wake up,
Times I just wanted to give up,
This poetry was always enough,
To get me through the rough stuff,
I’ve written poems on my love for someone else,
Too bad they were only interested in themselves,
So many words wasted,
So many songs and views tainted,
With the image of you,
Now the lenses of my eyes have been renewed,
When I feel lonely I no longer think of you,
My words have taken a new direction,
These words now have a purpose other than protection,
From myself,
They speak truth and offer help,
Ive been through some dark days,
Days of addiction,
Looking back and it almost seems like fiction,
Back to the times I wanted to end my own life,
Thankful for the times I thought twice on the decision,
Now I have vision and I’m on a mission,
To spread love to anyone who can hear it,
Show compassion to anyone who can feel it,
Let my actions speak to those who can see it,
I’m a new man saved by Jesus.

Missing Rythmes

Each message sent,
Is one too many,
As I slowly cascade into this decent,
Feelings remain unnamed,
Though I’m connected to the anchor of their weight,
I push those feelings into the darkest corners of my heart,
I fear when I bleed they will surface,
These thoughts of you will tear me apart,
Vocalization can fix this,
Instead I choose to twist it,
Into knots in the pit of stomach,
So the butterflies will not be released,
I don’t want to wander this road,
Staring at my feet,
With my heart skipping every other beat,
Those missing rythmes,
Leaving my chest to find you,
Casting themselves free,
So some of me may remain alive,
While the rest of me dies,
Sewn shut is my mouth,
These words are trapped,
I promised myself I would not let them out,
For this river of love,
Is in a drought.

The Narrow Road

This road winds,
Twists and climbs,
My destination is unknown,
I don’t know what I will find,
At the end of the path,
The dust flies behind me,
My tires spinning,
Aiming to gain traction,
It’s hopeless when the aim is self-satisfaction,
Along this drive there are many distractions,
Some are obvious,
Others are hidden,
We must hold on,
To these breaths we’re given,
My suspension is worn stiff,
It becomes evident as the road starts to dip,
I jerk the wheel hoping for a reaction,
Just retraction,
From my old sinful actions,
It’s crazy how fast life can happen,
One minute you’re here,
The next you’re gone,
Wondering where I went wrong,
That old cassette,
Plays the song,
That haunts my dreams,
Pulling up memories,
Of those days that seemed to never end,
Until the day you told me it was all pretend,
My friend was lost along the way,
Or maybe they were tossed aside,
Making a way for me,
To get to my destination,
I have to believe,
Or else,
This heart I wear on my sleeve,
Would be torn in two,
But it’s not that way,
When I think of you,
It seems to be glued together,
Like my hands to this leather,
Unable to part ways,
From the truth,
I love with my whole heart,
Anyone and everyone,
That’s the best part,
It’s not just reserved for those who give it back,
It’s given freely to me,
So I must give it back.
I’m loved beyond description,
I know I have a mission,
And when I reach the end of the road,
I know I won’t be alone.