Distance is irrelevant, time is non existent.
While I’m sitting here missing, the person I’ve been listening to.
Where did you go, oh have you’ve grown cold.
As these conversations grow old.
Do you reach for the stars, or shrink in glow of the night.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.

Can you tell me.
What it’s like to go to sleep at night.
Without the pale glow of the moonlight.
Or have you not noticed it has left your sight.
Alone in your room, with nothing but your thoughts.
Waiting for time to pass you by, while staring at the clock.
Wondering how much time you have left.
Hoping to wake up from this sleep, wondering if you will be missed in the least.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.

Now are you counting your blessings, or focusing on these stressful things.
Plucking at the strings, grooving to the melody.
Or burning these things, your so called identity.
Honey please, there is no need to dig any further.
Reach for my hand, I’ll pull you to the surface.
This label you’ve stamped your life with, doesn’t give you purpose.
Oh honey you were perfect, why do you keep running.
Is it because running is easier than loving.

Oh darling, how beautiful is your soul.
I know it’s hard to see behind all the scars.
But darling, if you could see what I see you wouldn’t cry anymore.
Come with me, let me breathe life into the hollow cavity of your chest.
My darling, you are perfect and nothing less.


The Serpent

From day one the serpent had twisted his way into our minds,
I find he has had an easy time reaching mine,
Strangling me in sin,
Making it harder to get into worship,
Diluting my purpose,
There was a time when he did wind,
His tail around my throat and he suffocated me,
I had lost all hope,
I popped open that pill bottle,
One swift action away from death,
It would have been easy to take this weight off my chest,
This life has never been easy,
It’s been a challenge at best,
It hasn’t felt like a test,
No it’s more like an essay,
Stained with my trials,
Reconciled in Christ,
See Christ stopped me from ending my own life,
He made me think twice,
He told me to put down the dice,
For the first time,
I took a breath and there was life,
I knew this pain just wouldn’t suffice,
I changed my mind-set,
I grew,
Left the old me behind,
Left my room renewed,
See the enemy is weak,
He hides in the shadows,
And our God is great,
He brings me to my knees,
He took my sin the gallows,
Washed in the blood of the Lamb,
A new man,
Walks this earth,
One who knows what it’s like to live in the dirt,
Now I can spread his message,
I can bring others to him,
And rejoice to the heavens,
For my life is borrowed,
It’s not mine,
I lived a life of sorrow and crime,
Now those things are left behind,
I kicked them to the curb,
Now I live through one single word,
The man who gave his life,
So we could keep ours,
He’s the one who wears the scars.

Ripped Stitches

My heart is patched on my sleeve,
Ripped more times than I can count,
Just waiting for you to leave,
I live in a world of doubt,
Prepared with needle and thread,
The words I know are coming,
Or is it just in my head.
The end is looming,
I broke the stitching for you,
This isn’t something you can just fix with glue.
Ripped at every seem,
I would give everything for you,
Is that so hard to believe,
Instead you start slipping of view,
Now I’m left here torn in two,
Out of thread,
What am I to do,
My head is filled with dread.

12 Rounds

It seems my inspiration comes in waves,
Only arrives when I’m in pain, or on these rainy days.
It used to come into view, back when I loved you.
My Muse, skipping time with the dudes.
Just to be with you.
Now I’m left feeling.
Like my heart’s gone 12 rounds.
Every round I’ve been knocked down.
These punches leave me reeling.
Kneeling on the ground.
Trying to figure this whole thing out.
If love were a river, I think I’m in a drought.
What I’ve found out, I’ll never be the winner.
Been on the losing end my whole life.
I used to get KO’d every night.
Faded, like I was lacking light.
Trying to take flight, to forget this life.
Forget how lonely I am.
Forget how I have no friends.
Besides the few, one of them being you.
What am I to do.
When all I wanted was you.
You left me black and blue.
It’s nothing new, it’s surreal.
I miss the view, miss that smile.
Those brown eyes that shimmered like mahogany.
But like the latest fashions, I went out of style.
Too quickly, to put it simply.
I gave you all the life I had left.
Now I’m left drained and in distress.
Literally, I’m a mess.
I can hold myself together for a few moments at best.
Life has put me to the test, mental illness has stolen my breath.
Weighing me down like a bullet proof vest.
Not protecting my heart, just bringing me stress.


It started when I was a child.
Always running wild, through the streets of my town.
Never letting anything bring me down.
Just up on that swing set, feet never touching the ground.
Now this sounds like a lyrical bit.
But I’m not lyrically gifted.
So don’t get it twisted.
Rap is my mistress, witness a poets flow.
Grow through the sound of my vocal cords.
Unable to afford, the things I needed.
Houses always heated, as a child I was misleaded.
Doubt was seeded, in my mind.
It grew to a tree, choked by the vines.
Of the lies, every time you said we were doing just fine.
Now I rhyme, to get these thoughts, off my mind.
Looking to find, some inner peace and escape my enemies.
The friends of me, the family, who liked to sip those cans, over putting food on the table.
Labeled as white trash in the mornings, my momma couldn’t support me.
Grew up horny always look for some ass.
Instead of looking to pass class.
That feeling hits you so fast, like flame to gas.
I had to pass up, things I wanted, never feeling like enough.
I’ve never been good with this family stuff.
It was rough, tough luck.
Feeling stuck in a rut, looking to snuff the doubt out.
At the root, only thing is I never knew, where that was.
Till I met the man up above.
His love guided my way, I must say.
I’m very thankful for that day, that he grabbed my hand when I lost my way.
Saved my life, twice, the price was his son’s life.
Yeah money’s nice, but Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.
Adding the spice to my life, I was always looking for.
Feeling his presence every time, I walk through that door.
Thanks, is something I can finally afford.
Giving my life to the Lord.
Fully submitted, don’t get it twisted.
I’m no slave, I was saved by his grace, now I laugh in Satan’s face.
But my life is still at stake, in every decision I make.
So I look to his word for guidance, he supplied us with a weapon.
Against the enemy, that holy water is the remedy.
He’s a friend of me, and you.
With the Holy Spirit I’m renewed.
Forgiven the family feud, and my diluted view on love.
All thanks to the one up above.
To be honest I’m astonished, I put this together so fast.
What like 10 minutes past, and I’m almost in my last line.
These rhymes seem to find, their way to my mind.
They crawl to the surface, piecing together my purpose.
Feeling like a wordsmith, but I’m modest.
Paying homage to the only one who deserves it.
The one who placed the verses in the Apostle Paul.
The one who rules us all.
He holds to world of tomorrow in his palm.
The least we can do is worship him in song.
I know it won’t be long, till I’ll be with my father.
Not the biological, but the spiritual, the one who actually cares.
Not the one who disappeared.
Even though I look like him, in a mirror.
Living without fear.
My visions clear.
The reunion, of our peers is near.
Do I keep going, I am left never knowing.
But if these words keep flowing.
Who am I to stop the poet-ry, from flowing out of me.
Unable to cauterize the wound.
Soon, it will stop itself.
Or I will be depleted of something else.
Maybe my health.
Who knows, as long as I have my poems to vent.
And repent for my sins.
I will win, this game of life.
I feel though I’ve spun the wheel once or twice.
Landing on the unfavorable, messing with my behavioral patterns.
Distorting the atoms.
The composition of my body.
This poetry is more than a hobby.

Pain the Callus of Life

The wind, is unseen, but felt.
Much like the inner workings of ourselves.
The shelf would never collect dust, if a book has never removed.
Metal will be free from rust, if left unexposed to elements.
Man cannot love, without feeling pain first.
This is the curse, a lesson which hurts.
Comfort is non-existent.
Maybe for an instant, it can be achieved.
Soon that feeling will flee.
We will never be free.
Of the enemy.
The one in our head.
We will always regret, words spoken or left unsaid.
To live life perfect, means you have never been broken.
Without a crack you remain sealed, unable to open.
One should not be scared to be destroyed.
It’s a risk of the voyage.
Preparation of the soul, to remain buoyant, is crucial.
For your pain brings resolve, which will keep you afloat.
When you are in need of it the most.

Enemy of the State

I’ve been beaten, black and blue.

Through this pain I was renewed, my view changed.

Love remained, able to see past the fear able to see things clearer.

I see the severity of our situation, the manipulation, the stipulation over our creation and the bondage of our so-called free nation.

I see the wasted life, in the ones who jump from a height, the ones who hated life.

The ones who never knew wrong from right.

The ones who gave up the fight.

I understand it’s hard to be a man, I’m not talking about gender, I’m talking about man-kind.

Looking to rewind, the tapes, to when it was easier to see the faith, side of things.

And all the happiness it brings.

Instead of the things we see on the news, the shit they put out for views.

Living in a land of click bait, hate, discrimination, damnation, temptation, premarital procreation, blasphemy on their rotation, ignorant to the situation we are left in.

The darkness is always creepin.

Moving in silently, for the kill.

Quietly poisoning our free will, with that brainwashing material.

It’s surreal, how so many of us forgot, what it’s like to feel.

There are millions everyday going without a meal, without a shelter over their heads.

The first world forgets, about the brothers, the mother’s, sons and daughters from the other kingdoms.

All one family, the ramifications of our so-called identity is a tragedy of racial supremacy.

There is a remedy.

But you have to be ready, to accept it.

You have to let it consume you.

I promise it will clear your view. And you will feel renewed.

Put faith to the scientific method, it can be repeated, but the ones running those tests are the ones who have deceived us.

They are unable to understand the power of Jesus.

The enemy has them in a choke hold, their suffocation makes them bold, they fear to grow old.

Ok with setting, in the human mold.

When they are supposed, to break us out of this ignorant drought.

Looking for answers but they won’t get them out, wondering why the pieces don’t add up.

Aren’t these fulfilled prophecies enough.

We didn’t just make this stuff up.

These things happening aren’t just coincidence or luck.

They are our sentence we were detained to serve.

No we didn’t deserve this fate, but it’s the enemies fault.

He distilled this hate.

We are all human why do we hate those of another race, is it because we dislike the color of their face.

Man it’s a disgrace to God’s grace.

He put us in this rat race to place faith in those who need it.

His warnings need to be heeded, the enemy does feedith on our insecurities.

Giving us a false sense of security in our homes.

When we are really never alone.

There is a reason Jesus rose from the stone.

So we could be free from the sinful mold, that the enemy has put in bold.

Plastered on magazines, these fiends of fame and fortune.

Their notions, motions are oceans of lies.

Stealing lives, through our very own eyes.

Starts with tv they know how to read you and me.

Showing us what they want us to see.

Not wanting us to be free, thinkers.

Just mindless workers, obese from these processed burgers.

We ignore the murders that happen everyday.

Ignoring the fact we have to pay with our own pain.

Trying to stain, detain us, blame us, maim us,

tame us, everyone wanting to be famous.

Is being recognized in the synagogue of Satan really worth it.

Why did we drift so far from Kansas.

Straying from our home, trying to wander this life alone.

But these hands pull on our strings behind the scenes.

They speak to us in our dreams, of the things we hope to be, while being unable to see, our life through a tv screen.

Seems that’s all we know and can understand is what the wicked hand has dealt us.

Looking for materials to complete us.

The Lord has never deceived us.

He has been trying to lead us.

While the enemy beats us, leads us astray.

To the land of fame and pain.

I’m so thankful the son of the Lord came, and hung on that cross.

So I would no longer have to be a lost, sheep, in this world of deceit.

I was able to beat the devil’s temptation, able to break free of eternal damnation.

That our nation is headed for.