As the Moonlight hit her face,

My thoughts just stopped,

Frozen in place.

Stuck on one thought,

Is she actually real?

The whites of her eyes matched that of a blank canvas.

Painting images of happiness.

Showing me again what it is like to feel.


Ripped Stitches

My heart is patched on my sleeve,
Ripped more times than I can count,
Just waiting for you to leave,
I live in a world of doubt,
Prepared with needle and thread,
The words I know are coming,
Or is it just in my head.
The end is looming,
I broke the stitching for you,
This isn’t something you can just fix with glue.
Ripped at every seem,
I would give everything for you,
Is that so hard to believe,
Instead you start slipping of view,
Now I’m left here torn in two,
Out of thread,
What am I to do,
My head is filled with dread.

12 Rounds

It seems my inspiration comes in waves,
Only arrives when I’m in pain, or on these rainy days.
It used to come into view, back when I loved you.
My Muse, skipping time with the dudes.
Just to be with you.
Now I’m left feeling.
Like my heart’s gone 12 rounds.
Every round I’ve been knocked down.
These punches leave me reeling.
Kneeling on the ground.
Trying to figure this whole thing out.
If love were a river, I think I’m in a drought.
What I’ve found out, I’ll never be the winner.
Been on the losing end my whole life.
I used to get KO’d every night.
Faded, like I was lacking light.
Trying to take flight, to forget this life.
Forget how lonely I am.
Forget how I have no friends.
Besides the few, one of them being you.
What am I to do.
When all I wanted was you.
You left me black and blue.
It’s nothing new, it’s surreal.
I miss the view, miss that smile.
Those brown eyes that shimmered like mahogany.
But like the latest fashions, I went out of style.
Too quickly, to put it simply.
I gave you all the life I had left.
Now I’m left drained and in distress.
Literally, I’m a mess.
I can hold myself together for a few moments at best.
Life has put me to the test, mental illness has stolen my breath.
Weighing me down like a bullet proof vest.
Not protecting my heart, just bringing me stress.

She is Electricity

Her touch brings me alive,
She is my electricity,
Her smile is brighter than a neon sign,
In a dark city,
She is an overcharged capacitor,
Of positive energy,
But she stays grounded,
Not due to gravity,
The thunder has sounded,
Her bolt of lightning found me,
The lonely tree,
I was surrounded,
By negativity,
With her positivity,
She has set me free.

7 Years of Memories

I’m going to make this poetry explode, not just off the paper.

But off my chest or I might imploded.
From all these things repressed, all the things that make me depressed.
I’m pressed to move forward, by an invisible force.
One stronger than nature, elevating me from failure.
Freed from these chains by the Savior.
Changing my behavior, trying to follow his steps.
Imprints so large, I have a lot to fill.
All I have to do is remain still.
He will push me up this hill.
The uphill battle we call life.
The view from the top though, I imagine it’s a beautiful sight.
Unlike anything we’ve seen in this life.
Treat others as you want to be treated, pick them up when they are defeated.
Love thy neighbor, just as the Savior loved the lepers, whores, merchants, the poor, sinners, saints, the ones who lost their way.
He radiated love, he didn’t have to say a single word.
Jesus looked at him, and loved him.
These scriptures paint pictures in my mind.
Making God easier to find.
In this secular state.
Leaving my false knowledge behind.
Rewinding the hands of time.
These people of knowledge making it feel like a crime.
To follow the truth.
Society tightens the noose on us Christians.
Misunderstanding our mission.
Blanketed by the Hippocrates before us.
Making it harder to move forward.
All I know every step, I’m homeward.
Every day brings us closer to judgement.
The Rapture is coming.
When, no one knows, but the book of Revelation discloses.
Information so vital.
For the spiritual survival of us all.
Signs in the heavens will present themselves.
Just wait and see.
Us Christians will be a memory.
Through the years of tribulation.
When fire rains across the whole damned nation.